Aqua d’Or relies on Resilux to lead its sustainable revolution

Resilux is helping Aqua d’Or to become the most sustainable water brand in Denmark, while setting new standards for transparency by using certified recyclates

Upmarket water brand, Aqua d’Or, is on a quest to become the most sustainable water brand in Denmark. Aqua d’or takes the next step towards circularity by launching the 1st bottle made of 100% recycled PET in Denmark.

Their best-selling SKU, the 0.5L bottle, is now being made with recycled PET from Poly Recycling, a company of the Resilux Group.

In addition, it is Aqua d’Or ambition to be 100% circular for all bottles by 2022.

Certified materials and transparent honesty

The environmental guarantees that Resilux has made to Aqua d’Or and its other clients, has been backed up by independent auditors. In fact, Resilux is one of the first in Europe to receive ‘Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification’. This independent audit scheme checks that the claims made by manufacturers regarding recycled material are correct.

Now customers can trace the recycled content contained in their new plastic products to be sure that they have been sourced in a transparent and responsible way. The process is based on agreed European standards and will boost consumers’ credibility in product’s quality, and verify responsible production processes.

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