Closing the loop with RCS

Resilux and rcs build partnership to achieve full circularity in pet production

Leading PET bottle and preform producer Resilux and recycling management company RCS are working together to achieve complete circularity for their PET products. By combining RCS’s waste collection and Resilux’s production capabilities, the two companies will be able to offer 100% traceability in the recycled PET produced. This growing partnership will help them and their customers to comply with the EU’s directive on plastic products which states that all PET bottles should contain at least 25% recycled plastic by 2025.

Closing the sustainability loop

The combination of the two companies’ capabilities means Resilux and RCS will create a complete sustainability loop. In other words, there will be an unbroken recycling chain stretching from waste PET collection to making food-grade recycled pellets or flakes right through to the production of brand new preforms and bottles using the recycled base material.

Verifiable traceability

By securing a dependable supply of recycled base material, Resilux is well placed to meet the requirements of the EU directive for 2025. Most importantly, it will also be able to offer its customers 100% traceability information in order to verify the source of its recycled material. Today it is increasingly important for both RCS and Resilux customers to know the precise origin of the recycled material in their preforms or bottles so they can demonstrate compliance with the new directives.  

Decades of recycling experience

RCS has more than 40 years’ experience in the waste disposal industry while Resilux has over 25 years’ experience in preforms and bottles. Through this long term partnership, the two companies will pool that immense knowhow to reinforce the investments they are both making in recycling technology. For Resilux it is an important element of their vision for a sustainable future. Their goal is to create solutions that are best not only for the products they package, but also for the wellbeing of people and the planet.  

The partnership is just the latest step on a journey to a sustainable future. Both companies have achieved a lot but want to continue growing their recycling activities going forward. According to Resilux’s Chief Operating Officer, Marcel van de Sande, “By achieving full circularity we are truly demonstrating ‘The Power of PET’ as a unique, versatile and, above all, responsible packaging resource.” Alexander Rimmer, RCS Manging Director, adds: “Our disposal and recycling activities have always been done in the spirit of sustainability. By exploiting the full potential of recyclables management through this partnership, we’ll continue to contribute to a better environment for all.”